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Protect your future by protecting your present earning ability.

There are many different types of protection products, from very short-term sickness and accident policies to whole-of-life policies. Income Protection is designed to cover you against an accident or ill health. It differs from Critical Illness as it pays you an income rather than a lump sum.

There are circumstances in which your protection needs can be met, partially or fully by more than one type of protection cover e.g. a life assurance need might be met by both a term assurance policy and also whole-of-life cover. The objective is for us to get the cover package that best meets your needs and financial outlay available for e.g. a life cover only policy for the consumer who only needs life cover.

Do you need Income Protection?

  • Yes, if you’re self-employed and have no source of income if you couldn’t work due to injury, illness or disability.
  • Yes, if you have no ill-health pension protection
  • Yes, if you have dependants who rely on you
  • Yes, if you have insufficient benefits to replace your lost income and/or cover your expenses


  • You are eligible for tax relief on all of your premiums
  • Some policies provide a combination of benefits, e.g. life and accelerated serious illness cover
  • Optional ‘rider’ benefits such as hospital cash etc.

Interesting fact: Generally, depending upon the insurer, there is a benefit of 75% of your gross income, paid monthly to you. The benefit is paid after a set deferred period – and is not taxable.